Episode 19

The Secrets of Selling on Social

Published on: 7th February, 2024

Hey friends! I'm back with another money makin’ episode about selling on social over here on Building Unapologetically.

As we step into February, I've been thinking a lot about the digital landscape and how much it has shifted. Buyers are moving slower these days when it comes to parting with their coins. Trust and connection is so key before people feel ready to work with you!

You gotta put your offer out often and clearly so buyers know exactly what transformation you provide. 

So, today I'm breaking down my 3 C's framework that I teach in my signature program CCA - clarity, content and consistency - to help you sell with confidence!

First - CLARITY honeeey. You absolutely must provide a clear path to lead your audience to that designated destination! Give them the directions, shortcuts and reroutes to take the right steps to work with you.

Next - get CREATIVE with CONTENT! Go beyond just posting your offer in stories or in your grid. Wow your audience with a fancy reel, a swipe up, a Live, an irresistible caption - showcase your offer across platforms.

Lastly - CONSISTENCY. I cannot stress this enough - you gotta sell OFTEN and OWN IT! McDonald's got their $1 sweet tea sign out 24/7, Fashion Nova hittin' your inbox everyday - don't be shy about asking for that sale consistently across platforms sis!

If you need help, I got you! For a limited time, use code PODCAST24 to save $100 on my Social Sales Bundle for selling on social.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You add the coupon code PODCAST24 when you scroll down to the bottom of the page, below the COMPLETE ORDER button.

Thank you for tuning in! Make sure to leave a review on Apple Podcasts and please share this episode with a friend if you found value. As always, continue building unapologetically.

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